Branch History - Chapter 12

Trip to Brondby, Denmark - UEFA Cup

This was handed out to each of the fans who travelled with us to Brondby before the trip. This was a very long trip which again was organised and run by Richard Robertson. Again notice the emphasis on good behaviour.


Since we will be together for some considerable time I would like to give you some details which hopefully will help you to enjoy the trip. Firstly, there can be no guarantee about the performance of the team on the park. Whatever the result it is hoped that we can retain the reputation we gained as the first winners of FIFA’s fair play award. European travel by coach is a daunting prospect, especially one of 1200 miles each way. Certain rules are required:

  1. Toilet on coach is for emergencies only – comfort breaks are built into the route and all reasonable requests will be met
  2. The ban on drinking alcohol on coaches is a legal requirement now in Europe as it has been in Britain for some years
  3. Boredom can be helped by playing videos, tapes etc. but for the overnight travel videos will not be played to ensure people get the chance to sleep. It will also be appreciated if people keep the volumes down on their personal stereos or refrain from loud noises. If you want to bring your favourite videos by all means do so.
  4. Border crossings require you to respect the guards while they check out the coach. Respond quickly and with a smile – failure to do so could result in a delay for all of us.
  5. Ferry crossings - again remember you are representing Dundee United and Scotland and create a friendly atmosphere – this assists for future games. Also remember to report all trouble otherwise we may have to pay for damage we did not cause.

Stops will be at Southwaite and Toddingham service stations. Meals are also available on the ferry crossing (7pm to 8.30pm). The route from Calais will see us through Belgium, Holland, and Germany then we will get the Ferry at Puttgarden to go over to Denmark. Breakfast can be taken on this ferry. On arrival in Copenhagen it is hoped to visit the football ground and the go to the hotel. Check in time is 12 noon.

Match tickets will be issued at this point. It will then be your responsibility to be at the coach for 9am Thursday morning for the trip home.

Arrangements are being made with the Brondby supporters and have yet to be finalised. The Danish supporters have a good reputation (ROLIGANS) and will be good company when you meet them. Please note the Danes are very liberated and get straight to the point – do not be offended by this direct approach.

On the return journey it is proposed to have a meal stop in Arnhem (Holland) I hope to arrange money exchange for guilders at either the hotel or on the Ferry as a collective deal will get us better rates I reckon £10 per head should be enough for a meal and a drink but that is up to you how much money you exchange.

From there it is on to Calais/Dover ferry with stops at Toddingham and Southwaite on the way home. We expect to get back around 9am on Friday morning.