Branch History - Introduction

As the Edinburgh and Lothians' branch of Dundee United Supporters approach their 25th anniversary it was felt appropriate to put down on paper what we could remember about the memorable and not so memorable moments in the history of the branch. It is hoped that the information provided will allow new and younger members to have a better understanding of how the branch has developed while bringing back some happy and some not so happy memories to those who have been associated with the branch for a long time.

If reading the history triggers the memory of any of our members for any worthwhile stories or pictures which might be worthy of inclusion please get in touch with any committee member. We are particularly short of cup final photos and old photos from some of our overseas trips. So if anyone can lay their hands on some please get in touch.

The history has been compiled and edited by Jim Gardiner who has been associated with the branch for over 20 years.

The story is written in chapters so you can either read the whole thing from the start or just dip into any of the chapters randomly . The chapter headings and list of contents are shown on the left hand side of each chapter. To enter or move to a chapter simply click on the chapter number. The story takes us through from the formation of the branch until the present day and there are also chapters at the end which tell the story of some of our European adventures.

In addition to the script there is also a 5 album picture gallery with old photographs, newspaper cuttings and other memorabilia. The five albums more or less link with the sections in the script and cover “The Early Years”, “The Special Relationship”, The Great Year of 1986/7”, “Player of Season Dances” and “Scottish Cup Finals.” Once again you can dip into each album by clicking on the album titles which appear on the album summary page. To increase the size of an individual picture just click on the centre of the picture you want to see.


The production of the history would not have been possible without assistance from the following branch members:

Richard Robertson, a former secretary and treasurer of the branch whose files of newspaper cuttings, letters and reports proved to be invaluable in piecing the story together.

Martin Mooney, the current branch treasurer who provided many of the pictures and images of branch memorabilia.

Richard Brown a current member of the branch who provided the computer know how to set up the script and the photo galleries and was always willing and available whenever required.

And, of course, the past and present members of the Edinburgh Branch of Dundee United Supporters. Without them the branch would not exist.