Superten is our main fundraiser and it contributes around £500 per season to club funds. This enables us to subsidise bus fares and it is fair to say that it is Superten that allows us to keep our finances in order.

See list below for each entrant's numbers. The first number against each name is the number for the first 5 weeks and the second number is used in weeks 6 to 10.

See further below for a description of how Superten works.

Numbers for latest Superten

The first number is your number for the first 5 weeks and the second number is your number for weeks 6 to 10.


How Superten Works

Each entrant is given a number drawn from the hat and this is used in the Sunday Mail results page. After 5 weeks the number is switched - see explanation below.

The total goals scored in the match with your number is your score for the week and the scores are accumulated for the 10 weeks with the highest totals being the winners. The prize fund depends on the number of entries but the last Superten saw the following prize list: 1st: £200, 2nd: £75, 3rd: £40, 4th: £20.

There will be a cap of 10 points on any one match, to avoid distortion because of any crazy scores.

In the event of a number of entrants finishing on the same points, a countback may apply to avoid any of the prizes being diminished too much when split. The countback will cover scores for weeks 1,2 and 3 added to the scores for weeks 8, 9 and 10.

You will receive an email each week showing the cumulative scoreboard. The spreadsheet showing the full 10 weeks of the competition can be sent out to anyone who wishes to see it.

How the second number is calculated

Your first number was drawn from the hat and lasts for the first 5 weeks. To calculate your second number for weeks 6 to 10 you take:

1: The highest number in the draw e.g. 140 and add to it the lowest number in the draw, say 21.
2: This gives a total of 161. You then take your first number and deduct it from 161 to get your second number.

e.g. first number is 100 therefore second number is 61, first number is 80 then second number is 81 and so on.

Actual numbers used to calculate 2nd number will depend on number of entries.